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Nsight Success 2.0 Assessment

The all new Nsight 2.0 combines the same in-depth reports, validated results and useful insights of the original Nsight with the addition of a new measure of Individual Civility with fewer total questions than the original. 

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NSight Success Interpreter. 

Meridiem is Latin for the highest point of day.

We publish assessments and other online tools for coaches, consultants, HR professionals, and organizations who support their clients and teams in achieving professional success, organizational wellness, and personal fulfillment.


In this way we help individuals and organizations discover and develop their high point of performance.

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The NSight Success is a premium aptitude and personality assessment.

It is an evidence-based, fully-validated instrument that offers a holistic and well-rounded picture of the client or applicant, and is ideally suited to sophisticated professional development and talent selection needs:


     • Executive Coaching

     • Life Coaching

     • Talent Selection

     • Organizational Development

     • Team Building

     • Conflict Resolution


The NSight Success may very well be the best kept secret in the world of assessments.

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the NSight Success

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The NSight Success

Talent Match Process

The NSight Talent Match process is the latest addition to Meridiem's suite of talent management resources.


We can help you create a Success Model based upon the NSight Success factor framework that you can then use for screening and selecting candidates.


Success Models can be built by benchmarking high performers, by cloning individual performers, or even from scratch using our NSight Talent Selector tool.


Candidates are then assessed using the NSight Success and compared to the model, resulting in a detailed report including percentage of match and suggested interview questions for follow up.


No matter how experienced you are in interviewing and selection, the simple, evidence-based reporting in the NSight Talent Match process will raise both your confidence and accuracy exponentially.

Collaborative Solutions for Organizational Success.

We assist owners and leaders in creating organizational solutions for strengthening teams and improving performance.

We have proprietary assessment, development, and training tools that we pair with our roster of exceptional coaches and consultants to create engagements that maximize results in key areas:


     • Cultural Civility

     • Team Cohesion

     • Executive Performance

     • Revenue Growth

     • Operational & Process Efficiency


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